Hypha Collective is a worker-owned cooperative that believes in co-creating a future with our partners

that embodies justice, acknowledges our existence is bound by interdependent systems and values

long-term social and environmental well-being.

We differentiate ourselves from other consultants through our collectivist approach that honors the
unique expertise and experience of all our members and our commitment to building relationships with
our clients based on trust and mutual benefits that last beyond the terms of our contracts.

Our work is informed by our personal and professional backgrounds. We have partnered with a breadth
of clients from state agencies and multilaterals to social enterprises, certified B Corporations, and small businesses,

including American Promise, the U.S. Coast Guard, the United Nations, Southern California Edison, and more.


Regenerative Operations

Design your internal operations to help employees prosper and create a culture that goes beyond a bottom-line focus for future generations.

We offer consultation on:

  • Shared Leadership Practices

  • Cooperative Conversion

  • Holistic Employee Research & Engagement

  • JEDI Strategy for the Workplace

  • B-Corp Certification

  • Reporting

Regenerative Strategy

Drive value for your stakeholders with long-term planning through a systems approach that factors in social and environmental impact.

Our services include:

  • Materiality Assessments

  • Theory of Change Development

  • Community Stakeholder Research & Engagement

  • JEDI Strategy for Community Impact

  • ESG & Impact Reporting

What is a regenerative organization?

A regenerative organization is one that operates in harmony with life. They are resilient and understand that deep, transformative change is a collective process that happens in collaboration over competition. Regenerative design mimics living systems and is, therefore, more adaptive in volatile environments. 

Hypha Collective employs systems thinking to address our planet's most pressing issues. We believe that a regenerative approach can disrupt business-as-usual practices that often contradict the process of creating a thriving world for all. 



JEDI: Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion are at the center of our work. We are guided by the commitment to centering and being accountable to the stated needs of communities that are often excluded in order to produce equitable and powerful outcomes. 

Co-creation: As our name reflects, we are inspired by mycelial networks to build a thick web of connections with regenerative impact.

Praxis: As systems thinkers, we seek to develop radical, practical solutions. Our final recommendations will be informed by theory and participatory research methods rooted in achievable practices.